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for use in Utax machines

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Utax 1855Utax 206ci
Utax 2160DNUtax 2256
Utax 2500ciUtax 2506ci
Utax 2550ciUtax 256ci
Utax 256iUtax 260ci
Utax 261ciUtax 3005ci
Utax 300ciUtax 3060i
Utax 306iUtax 3206ci
Utax 3505ciUtax 350ci
Utax 3555iUtax 355ci
Utax 3560iUtax 4006ci
Utax 400ciUtax 4056i
Utax 4505ciUtax 4555i
Utax 5006ciUtax 5056i
Utax 5505ciUtax 5555i
Utax 6006ciUtax 6056i
Utax 6505ciUtax 6555i
Utax 7006ciUtax 7056i
Utax 7505ciUtax 8006ci
Utax 8055iUtax 8056i
Utax C08Utax C123
Utax C124Utax C127
Utax C140Utax C142
Utax C144Utax C145
Utax C155Utax C185
Utax C208Utax C518
Utax C90Utax CD1015
Utax CD1016Utax CD1018
Utax CD1020Utax CD1025
Utax CD1028Utax CD1030
Utax CD1035Utax CD1040
Utax CD1042Utax CD1045
Utax CD1050Utax CD1052
Utax CD1055Utax CD1060
Utax CD1062Utax CD1063
Utax CD1075Utax CD1080Di
Utax CD1115Utax CD1116
Utax CD1118Utax CD1120
Utax CD1125Utax CD1128
Utax CD1162Utax CD1182
Utax CD1215Utax CD1216
Utax CD1218Utax CD1222
Utax CD1230MFPUtax CD1240MFP
Utax CD1242Utax CD1250MFP
Utax CD1252Utax CD1315
Utax CD1316Utax CD1325
Utax CD1330Utax CD1340
Utax CD1430Utax CD1435
Utax CD1440Utax CD1445
Utax CD1455Utax CD1465
Utax CD1480Utax CD15
Utax CD21Utax CD2120
Utax CD23Utax CD31
Utax CD41Utax CD5025
Utax CD5025PUtax CD5030
Utax CD51Utax CD5130
Utax CD5130PUtax CD5135
Utax CD5140Utax CD5140L
Utax CD5230Utax CD5235
Utax CD5240Utax CD5240L
Utax CDC-1520Utax CDC-1525
Utax CDC-1532Utax CDC-1625
Utax CDC-1626Utax CDC-1632
Utax CDC-1635Utax CDC-1725
Utax CDC-1726Utax CDC1725
Utax CDC1730Utax CDC1740
Utax CDC1755Utax CDC1765
Utax CDC1840Utax CDC1850
Utax CDC1865Utax CDC1930
Utax CDC1935Utax CDC1945
Utax CDC1950Utax CDC1955
Utax CDC1965Utax CDC1970
Utax CDC5520Utax CDC5525
Utax CDC5526Utax CDC5626L
Utax CK7514Utax CLP3316
Utax CLP3416Utax CLP3516
Utax CLP3520Utax CLP3521
Utax CLP3524Utax CLP3532
Utax CLP3550Utax CLP3621
Utax CLP3626Utax CLP3630
Utax CLP3635Utax CLP3721
Utax CLP3726Utax CLP4532
Utax CLP4621Utax CLP4626
Utax CLP4721Utax F525
Utax F540Utax F541
Utax F542Utax FAX-525
Utax FAX-540Utax FAX-541
Utax FAX-542Utax LP3014
Utax LP3018Utax LP3022
Utax LP3030Utax LP3035
Utax LP3045Utax LP3118
Utax LP3128Utax LP3130
Utax LP3135Utax LP3140
Utax LP3151Utax LP3228
Utax LP3230Utax LP3235
Utax LP3240Utax LP3245
Utax LP3335Utax MFP 580
Utax P-2540iMFPUtax P-3020MFP
Utax P-3025MFPUtax P-3520D
Utax P-3520MFPUtax P-3525MFP
Utax P-C2155wUtax P-C2160DN
Utax P-C2480iMFPUtax P-C2650DW
Utax P-C2655wUtax P-C2660DN
Utax P-C2660iMFPUtax P-C2660MFP
Utax P-C2665iMFPUtax P-C2665MFP
Utax P-C3060Utax P-C3060DN
Utax P-C3061DNUtax P-C3065
Utax P-C3560DNUtax P-C3560i
Utax P-C3565iUtax P-C3570DN
Utax P-C4070DNUtax P-C4580DN
Utax P-C5580DNUtax P3521D
Utax P3521DNUtax P3521MFP
Utax P3522DWUtax P3527wMFP
Utax P4020DNUtax P4020DW
Utax P4020MFPUtax P4025wMFP
Utax P4026iwMFPUtax P4030
Utax P4030DUtax P4030DN
Utax P4030iUtax P4030iMFP
Utax P4030MFPUtax P4035i
Utax P4035iMFPUtax P4530
Utax P4530DNUtax P4531DN
Utax P5030DNUtax P5031DN
Utax P5035iMFPUtax P5531DN
Utax P6030DNUtax P6031DN
Utax P6035iMFPUtax PC2160
Utax PK1010Utax PK1012
Utax TA P-4530Utax Triumph Adler CLP4626
Utax Triumph Adler CLP4630Utax Triumph Adler CLP4721
Utax Triumph Adler P-C3060DNUtax XC9020
Utax XC9036Utax XC9048

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