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for use in Samsung machines

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If your machine is not listed, please let us know at the bottom of the page and we will source it for you.

Samsung C1810WSamsung CLP-300
Samsung CLP-300NSamsung CLP-310
Samsung CLP-310NSamsung CLP-315
Samsung CLP-315WSamsung CLP-320
Samsung CLP-320NSamsung CLP-325
Samsung CLP-325WSamsung CLP-350N
Samsung CLP-360Samsung CLP-365
Samsung CLP-365WSamsung CLP-415
Samsung CLP-415NSamsung CLP-415N-SEE
Samsung CLP-415NW-SEESamsung CLP-470
Samsung CLP-475Samsung CLP-500
Samsung CLP-500NSamsung CLP-510
Samsung CLP-510NSamsung CLP-550
Samsung CLP-550NSamsung CLP-600
Samsung CLP-600NSamsung CLP-610
Samsung CLP-610NDSamsung CLP-620
Samsung CLP-620NDSamsung CLP-6260FD
Samsung CLP-6260FWSamsung CLP-6260ND
Samsung CLP-650Samsung CLP-660
Samsung CLP-660NDSamsung CLP-670
Samsung CLP-670NDSamsung CLP-680DW
Samsung CLP-680NDSamsung CLP-770ND
Samsung CLP-775NDSamsung CLP310
Samsung CLP315Samsung CLP362
Samsung CLP363Samsung CLP364
Samsung CLP365WSamsung CLP367
Samsung CLP368Samsung CLP510N
Samsung CLP511Samsung CLP515
Samsung CLP550NSamsung CLP560
Samsung CLP560NSamsung CLP610
Samsung CLP615Samsung CLP620
Samsung CLP6260FDSamsung CLP6260FW
Samsung CLP6260NDSamsung CLP660
Samsung CLP670NDSamsung CLP680ND
Samsung CLX-2160Samsung CLX-2160N
Samsung CLX-2160XSamsung CLX-2161K
Samsung CLX-2161NKSamsung CLX-3160
Samsung CLX-3160FNSamsung CLX-3160N
Samsung CLX-3170Samsung CLX-3170FN
Samsung CLX-3175Samsung CLX-3175FN
Samsung CLX-3175FWSamsung CLX-3175N
Samsung CLX-3180Samsung CLX-3180FN
Samsung CLX-3180FWSamsung CLX-3185
Samsung CLX-3185FNSamsung CLX-3185FW
Samsung CLX-3185NSamsung CLX-3185W
Samsung CLX-3300Samsung CLX-3302
Samsung CLX-3303Samsung CLX-3304
Samsung CLX-3305Samsung CLX-3305FN
Samsung CLX-3305FWSamsung CLX-3305W
Samsung CLX-3307Samsung CLX-4170
Samsung CLX-4195Samsung CLX-4195FN
Samsung CLX-4195FN-SEESamsung CLX-4195FW-SEE
Samsung CLX-6200NDSamsung CLX-6220FX
Samsung CLX-6250FXSamsung CLX-6260
Samsung CLX-6260FDSamsung CLX-6260FR
Samsung CLX-6260FWSamsung CLX-6260ND
Samsung CLX-8380NDSamsung CLX-8385ND
Samsung CLX-8385NXSamsung CLX-8640ND
Samsung CLX-8650NDSamsung CLX-9201
Samsung CLX-9201NASamsung CLX-9250ND
Samsung CLX-9251Samsung CLX-9251NA
Samsung CLX-9252NASamsung CLX-9301
Samsung CLX-9301NSamsung CLX-9301NA
Samsung CLX-9350NDSamsung CLX-9352NA
Samsung CLX2160Samsung CLX3160
Samsung CLX3170Samsung CLX3175
Samsung CLX6200Samsung CLX6220
Samsung CLX6250Samsung Dell 1100
Samsung Dell 1110Samsung IZZI Plus 2
Samsung M2020Samsung M3370FD
Samsung M3870FWSamsung M4030ND
Samsung M4080FXSamsung M4583FX
Samsung ML-1010Samsung ML-1010M
Samsung ML-1020Samsung ML-1200
Samsung ML-1210Samsung ML-1210M
Samsung ML-1220Samsung ML-1221
Samsung ML-1250Samsung ML-1430
Samsung ML-1510Samsung ML-1520
Samsung ML-1610Samsung ML-1615
Samsung ML-1620Samsung ML-1625
Samsung ML-1630Samsung ML-1630W
Samsung ML-1631KSamsung ML-1640
Samsung ML-1650Samsung ML-1651
Samsung ML-1651NSamsung ML-1652
Samsung ML-1653Samsung ML-1660
Samsung ML-1661Samsung ML-1665
Samsung ML-1666Samsung ML-1670
Samsung ML-1710Samsung ML-1740
Samsung ML-1750Samsung ML-1755
Samsung ML-1860Samsung ML-1865W
Samsung ML-1910Samsung ML-1915
Samsung ML-2010Samsung ML-2010R
Samsung ML-2015Samsung ML-2020
Samsung ML-2150Samsung ML-2151
Samsung ML-2151NSamsung ML-2152
Samsung ML-2152WSamsung ML-2160
Samsung ML-2165Samsung ML-2168
Samsung ML-2240Samsung ML-2250
Samsung ML-2251NSamsung ML-2510
Samsung ML-2525Samsung ML-2525W
Samsung ML-2540Samsung ML-2545
Samsung ML-2550Samsung ML-2551
Samsung ML-2551NSamsung ML-2552W
Samsung ML-2570Samsung ML-2571N
Samsung ML-2580NSamsung ML-2850
Samsung ML-2851NDSamsung ML-2855ND
Samsung ML-2950NDSamsung ML-2955
Samsung ML-2955DWSamsung ML-2955ND
Samsung ML-3050Samsung ML-3051N
Samsung ML-3051NDSamsung ML-3310
Samsung ML-3310DSamsung ML-3310DN
Samsung ML-3310NDSamsung ML-3312ND
Samsung ML-3470DSamsung ML-3470ND
Samsung ML-3471NDSamsung ML-3560
Samsung ML-3561NSamsung ML-3561ND
Samsung ML-3710Samsung ML-3710D
Samsung ML-3710NSamsung ML-3710ND
Samsung ML-3712Samsung ML-3712DW
Samsung ML-3712NDSamsung ML-3750ND
Samsung ML-4050NSamsung ML-4050ND
Samsung ML-4500Samsung ML-4510ND
Samsung ML-4550Samsung ML-4551N
Samsung ML-4551NDSamsung ML-4551NDR
Samsung ML-4600Samsung ML-5010ND
Samsung ML-5015NDSamsung ML-5510ND
Samsung ML-5515NDSamsung ML-6000
Samsung ML-6050Samsung ML-6100
Samsung ML-6100NSamsung ML-6510ND
Samsung ML-6515NDSamsung ML1631K
Samsung ML1640Samsung ML1642
Samsung ML1660Samsung ML1661
Samsung ML1665Samsung ML1666
Samsung ML1670Samsung ML1900
Samsung ML1910Samsung ML1911
Samsung ML1915Samsung ML2040
Samsung ML2155Samsung ML2160
Samsung ML2165Samsung ML2240
Samsung ML2251Samsung ML2252
Samsung ML2525Samsung ML2526
Samsung ML2540Samsung ML2545
Samsung ML2552Samsung ML2580
Samsung ML2581Samsung ML2855
Samsung ML3310Samsung ML3312
Samsung ML3710Samsung ML3710D
Samsung ML3710NDSamsung ML3712
Samsung ML3712DWSamsung ML3712ND
Samsung Msys 5100PSamsung Msys 830
Samsung Msys 835PSamsung MultiXpress 8040ND
Samsung MultiXpress 8123NSamsung MultiXpress 8123NA
Samsung MultiXpress 8128NSamsung MultiXpress 8128NA
Samsung MultiXpress 8128NXSamsung MultiXpress C8385ND
Samsung MultiXpress C8640NDSamsung MultiXpress C8650ND
Samsung MultiXpress C9201NASamsung MultiXpress C9251NA
Samsung MultiXpress C9301NASamsung MultiXpress SL-X7400GX
Samsung MultiXpress SL-X7400LXSamsung MultiXpress SL-X7500GX
Samsung MultiXpress SL-X7500LXSamsung MultiXpress SL-X7600GX
Samsung MultiXpress SL-X7600LXSamsung MultiXpress X3200
Samsung MultiXpress X3220NRSamsung MultiXpress X3280NR
Samsung OPTRA E210Samsung OPTRA X215
Samsung Pe16Samsung Phaser 3130
Samsung Phaser 3140Samsung Phaser 3155
Samsung Phaser 3160Samsung ProXpress M3370FD
Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320NDSamsung ProXpress SL-M3370FD
Samsung ProXpress SL-M3370NDSamsung ProXpress SL-M3820DW
Samsung ProXpress SL-M3820NDSamsung ProXpress SL-M3870DW
Samsung ProXpress SL-M3870FDSamsung ProXpress SL-M3870FW
Samsung ProXpress SL-M4020NDSamsung ProXpress SL-M4020NX
Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FDSamsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR
Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070NDSamsung QwickLaser 6000
Samsung SCX-3205Samsung SCX-3205W
Samsung SCX-3400Samsung SCX-3405
Samsung SCX-4016Samsung SCX-4100
Samsung SCX-4116Samsung SCX-4200
Samsung SCX-4216Samsung SCX-4216F
Samsung SCX-4300Samsung SCX-4321
Samsung SCX-4500Samsung SCX-4500W
Samsung SCX-4501KSamsung SCX-4520
Samsung SCX-4521FSamsung SCX-4600
Samsung SCX-4623FSamsung SCX-4623FN
Samsung SCX-4623FWSamsung SCX-4655F
Samsung SCX-4655FNSamsung SCX-4720
Samsung SCX-4720FNSamsung SCX-4725FN
Samsung SCX-4726Samsung SCX-4726FN
Samsung SCX-4728FDSamsung SCX-4729FD
Samsung SCX-4729FWSamsung SCX-4824
Samsung SCX-4824FNSamsung SCX-4825FN
Samsung SCX-4828Samsung SCX-4828FN
Samsung SCX-4833FDSamsung SCX-4833FR
Samsung SCX-4835FRSamsung SCX-4933
Samsung SCX-4933FRSamsung SCX-5112
Samsung SCX-5115Samsung SCX-5312
Samsung SCX-5315Samsung SCX-5315F
Samsung SCX-5330FNSamsung SCX-5330N
Samsung SCX-5530FNSamsung SCX-5635FN
Samsung SCX-5637FRSamsung SCX-5637FW
Samsung SCX-5639FRSamsung SCX-5737FN
Samsung SCX-5737FWSamsung SCX-5739FW
Samsung SCX-5835FNSamsung SCX-5835NX
Samsung SCX-6120Samsung SCX-6122
Samsung SCX-6122FNSamsung SCX-6220
Samsung SCX-6320FSamsung SCX-6322DN
Samsung SCX-6345NSamsung SCX-6355N
Samsung SCX-6545NSamsung SCX-6545NX
Samsung SCX-6555Samsung SCX-6555N
Samsung SCX-6555NXSamsung SCX-8030ND
Samsung SCX-8040NDSamsung SCX-8123NA
Samsung SCX-8128NSamsung SCX-8128NA
Samsung SCX-8128NXSamsung SCX-D6345N
Samsung SCX-D6345NJSamsung SCX3201
Samsung SCX3218Samsung SCX3400
Samsung SCX3405Samsung SCX4016
Samsung SCX4116Samsung SCX4501K
Samsung SCX4600Samsung SCX4601
Samsung SCX4623Samsung SCX4726FN
Samsung SCX4824FNSamsung SCX4825FN
Samsung SCX4828FNSamsung SCX4833
Samsung SCX4835Samsung SCX5637
Samsung SCX5639Samsung SCX5737
Samsung SCX5739Samsung SF-5100
Samsung SF-5100PSamsung SF-515
Samsung SF-530Samsung SF-531P
Samsung SF-535ESamsung SF-560
Samsung SF-560PSamsung SF-560R
Samsung SF-565PSamsung SF-5800
Samsung SF-5800PSamsung SF-5905
Samsung SF-650Samsung SF-650P
Samsung SF-6800Samsung SF-6800P
Samsung SF-6900Samsung SF-750
Samsung SF-755PSamsung SF-760
Samsung SF-760PSamsung SF-830
Samsung SF-835PSamsung SF525
Samsung SF531Samsung SF535
Samsung SF560RSamsung SF565
Samsung SF5805Samsung SF650P
Samsung SF651PSamsung SF6900P
Samsung SF760Samsung SL-C2620FW
Samsung SL-C2670Samsung SL-C2680FX
Samsung SL-C3010NDSamsung SL-C3060FR
Samsung SL-C410WSamsung SL-C412W
Samsung SL-C413WSamsung SL-C430
Samsung SL-C460FWSamsung SL-C460W
Samsung SL-C462FWSamsung SL-C462W
Samsung SL-C463FWSamsung SL-C463W
Samsung SL-C480Samsung SL-K7400GX
Samsung SL-K7500LXSamsung SL-K7600GX
Samsung SL-M2675FNSamsung SL-M2825DW
Samsung SL-M2825NDSamsung SL-M3320
Samsung SL-M3370Samsung SL-M3370FD
Samsung SL-M3370FWSamsung SL-M3820
Samsung SL-M3820NDSamsung SL-M3870
Samsung SL-M3870FWSamsung SL-M4020
Samsung SL-M4070Samsung SL-M4070FR
Samsung SL-X7400GXSamsung SL-X7400LX
Samsung SL-X7500GXSamsung SL-X7500LX
Samsung SL-X7600GXSamsung SL-X7600LX
Samsung Xpress M2020Samsung Xpress M2020W
Samsung Xpress M2021Samsung Xpress M2021W
Samsung Xpress M2022Samsung Xpress M2022W
Samsung Xpress M2026Samsung Xpress M2026W
Samsung Xpress M2070Samsung Xpress M2070F
Samsung Xpress M2070FWSamsung Xpress M2070W
Samsung Xpress M2071FHSamsung Xpress M2071FW
Samsung Xpress M2071HWSamsung Xpress M2071W
Samsung Xpress M2078WSamsung Xpress M2675FN
Samsung Xpress M2825DWSamsung Xpress M2825ND
Samsung Xpress M2875FDSamsung Xpress M2875FW
Samsung Xpress M2885FWSamsung Xpress SL-C1810
Samsung Xpress SL-C1810WSamsung Xpress SL-C1860
Samsung Xpress SL-C1860FWSamsung Xpress SL-C1860W
Samsung Xpress SL-C2670FWSamsung Xpress SL-C410W
Samsung Xpress SL-C460FWSamsung Xpress SL-C460W
Samsung Xpress SL-M2020Samsung Xpress SL-M2022
Samsung Xpress SL-M2070Samsung Xpress SL-M2625
Samsung Xpress SL-M2626Samsung Xpress SL-M2675
Samsung Xpress SL-M2676Samsung Xpress SL-M2825
Samsung Xpress SL-M2826Samsung xpress SL-M2835DW
Samsung Xpress SL-M2875Samsung Xpress SL-M2876

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