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for use in Rex-Rotary machines

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If your machine is not listed, please let us know at the bottom of the page and we will source it for you.

Rex-Rotary 10508Rex-Rotary 10518
Rex-Rotary 1318Rex-Rotary 1508
Rex-Rotary 1808Rex-Rotary 1808D
Rex-Rotary 2238Rex-Rotary 2738
Rex-Rotary 28105Rex-Rotary 2815S
Rex-Rotary 2818Rex-Rotary 2820
Rex-Rotary 2822Rex-Rotary 2825
Rex-Rotary 2827Rex-Rotary 2835
Rex-Rotary 2840Rex-Rotary 2845
Rex-Rotary 2855Rex-Rotary 2865
Rex-Rotary 2885Rex-Rotary 2955
Rex-Rotary 2970Rex-Rotary 3110
Rex-Rotary 3238Rex-Rotary 3508
Rex-Rotary 3545Rex-Rotary 4508
Rex-Rotary 4545Rex-Rotary 5508
Rex-Rotary 6008Rex-Rotary 6820
Rex-Rotary 6991Rex-Rotary 6992
Rex-Rotary 6999Rex-Rotary 7315Z
Rex-Rotary 7315ZNRex-Rotary 7320DZ
Rex-Rotary 7325NRex-Rotary 7508
Rex-Rotary 7527nRex-Rotary 8012C
Rex-Rotary 8014Rex-Rotary 8017Z
Rex-Rotary 8112ZRex-Rotary 8116Z
Rex-Rotary 8212zRex-Rotary 8230
Rex-Rotary 8240ERex-Rotary 8250E
Rex-Rotary 8314ZRex-Rotary 8508
Rex-Rotary 8513ZRex-Rotary 8515Z
Rex-Rotary 8518ZRex-Rotary 8520
Rex-Rotary 8522Rex-Rotary 8613Z
Rex-Rotary 8615Rex-Rotary 8713Z
Rex-Rotary 8715ZRex-Rotary 8718Z
Rex-Rotary 8913Rex-Rotary 8913Z
Rex-Rotary 9008Rex-Rotary AO41
Rex-Rotary AO45Rex-Rotary C7116DN
Rex-Rotary C7416Rex-Rotary C7417dn
Rex-Rotary C7425dnRex-Rotary C7425hdn
Rex-Rotary C7435nRex-Rotary C7528N
Rex-Rotary C7535hdnRex-Rotary CC8403
Rex-Rotary CC8403dRex-Rotary CC8403de
Rex-Rotary CS555Rex-Rotary CS806
Rex-Rotary CS806dRex-Rotary CS806de
Rex-Rotary CS810Rex-Rotary CS810e
Rex-Rotary CS813dRex-Rotary CS825
Rex-Rotary CS831Rex-Rotary DSc224
Rex-Rotary DSc232Rex-Rotary DSc328
Rex-Rotary DSc332Rex-Rotary DSc338
Rex-Rotary DSc38Rex-Rotary DSc38u
Rex-Rotary DSc424Rex-Rotary DSc428
Rex-Rotary DSc432Rex-Rotary DSc435
Rex-Rotary DSc445Rex-Rotary DSc460
Rex-Rotary DSm415Rex-Rotary DSm415f
Rex-Rotary DSm415pRex-Rotary DSm415pf
Rex-Rotary DSm516pfRex-Rotary DSM520PF
Rex-Rotary DSm615Rex-Rotary DSm616
Rex-Rotary DSm618Rex-Rotary DSm618d
Rex-Rotary DSm620Rex-Rotary DSm620d
Rex-Rotary DSm622Rex-Rotary DSm627
Rex-Rotary DSm632Rex-Rotary DSm635
Rex-Rotary DSm645Rex-Rotary DSm660
Rex-Rotary DSm675Rex-Rotary DSm725
Rex-Rotary DSm730Rex-Rotary DSm735
Rex-Rotary DSm745Rex-Rotary F101
Rex-Rotary F102Rex-Rotary F110
Rex-Rotary F111Rex-Rotary F230
Rex-Rotary F250Rex-Rotary F270
Rex-Rotary F530Rex-Rotary F6103
Rex-Rotary MP161Rex-Rotary MP161L
Rex-Rotary MP161LNRex-Rotary MP171
Rex-Rotary MP2000Rex-Rotary MP3350
Rex-Rotary MP C2000Rex-Rotary MP C2050
Rex-Rotary MP C2500Rex-Rotary MP C3000
Rex-Rotary MP C3500Rex-Rotary MP C4500
Rex-Rotary P7027Rex-Rotary P7032
Rex-Rotary P7045Rex-Rotary P7145
Rex-Rotary R175ARex-Rotary SP4100N
Rex-Rotary SP4310NRex-Rotary SP C210SF
Rex-Rotary SP C410DNRex-Rotary SP C411DN
Rex-Rotary SP C420DN

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