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for use in Canon machines

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If your machine is not listed, please let us know at the bottom of the page and we will source it for you.

Canon 11RECanon 7RE
Canon C-EXV14Canon C-EXV5
Canon C5045Canon C5051
Canon CLC10Canon CLC1000
Canon CLC1100Canon CLC1110
Canon CLC1120Canon CLC1130
Canon CLC1150Canon CLC1160
Canon CLC1180Canon CLC200
Canon CLC2620Canon CLC300
Canon CLC3200Canon CLC3220
Canon CLC4000Canon CLC4040
Canon CLC500Canon CLC5000
Canon CLC5000plusCanon CLC5100
Canon CLC5151Canon CLC550
Canon CLC7Canon CLC700
Canon CLC800Canon CLC900
Canon CLC920Canon CLC950
Canon CP660Canon EP32
Canon FAX-L100Canon FAX-L1000
Canon FAX-L120Canon FAX-L200
Canon FAX-L2000Canon FAX-L2000IP
Canon FAX-L220Canon FAX-L240
Canon FAX-L250Canon FAX-L260
Canon FAX-L260iCanon FAX-L280
Canon FAX-L290Canon FAX-L295
Canon FAX-L300Canon FAX-L3000
Canon FAX-L3300iCanon FAX-L350
Canon FAX-L360Canon FAX-L380
Canon FAX-L380sCanon FAX-L390
Canon FAX-L400Canon FAX-L500
Canon FAX-L5000Canon FAX-L550
Canon FAX-L600Canon FAX-L700
Canon FAX-L7000Canon FAX-L760
Canon FAX-L765Canon FAX-L770
Canon FAX-L775Canon FAX-L777
Canon FAX-L780Canon FAX-L785
Canon FAX-L790Canon FAX-L800
Canon FAX-L900Canon FAX-L9550
Canon FaxL3000Canon FC-2045
Canon FC-2245Canon FC-3II
Canon FC-5IICanon FC1
Canon FC100Canon FC108
Canon FC120Canon FC128
Canon FC2Canon FC200
Canon FC200SCanon FC204
Canon FC204SCanon FC206
Canon FC208Canon FC210
Canon FC22Canon FC220
Canon FC220SCanon FC224
Canon FC224SCanon FC226
Canon FC228Canon FC230
Canon FC3Canon FC310
Canon FC311Canon FC330
Canon FC336Canon FC350
Canon FC4Canon FC5
Canon FC530Canon FC760
Canon FC780Canon GP160
Canon GP200Canon GP210
Canon GP211Canon GP215
Canon GP220Canon GP225
Canon GP30Canon GP55
Canon GP555Canon GP560
Canon GP605Canon GP605P
Canon GPR-18Canon I-Sensys LBP-6200D
Canon I-Sensys LBP-6230DWCanon I-SENSYS LBP312X
Canon i-SENSYS LBP5050Canon i-SENSYS LBP5050N
Canon i-SENSYS LBP653cdwCanon i-SENSYS LBP654cx
Canon i-SENSYS LBP6670dnCanon i-SENSYS LBP6750DN
Canon i-SENSYS LBP6780XCanon i-SENSYS LBP7100CN
Canon i-SENSYS LBP712CXCanon i-SENSYS LBP732cdw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP734cdwCanon i-SENSYS LBP735cx
Canon i-SENSYS MF-6180DWCanon i-SENSYS MF-8230CN
Canon i-SENSYS MF-8280CWCanon i-SENSYS MF-8580Cdw
Canon i-SENSYS MF211Canon i-SENSYS MF212W
Canon I-SENSYS MF229DWCanon i-Sensys MF4270
Canon i-Sensys MF4330DCanon i-Sensys MF732cdw
Canon i-Sensys MF734cdwCanon i-Sensys MF735cx
Canon i-Sensys MF8000Canon i-Sensys MF8040CN
Canon i-Sensys MF8080CNCanon i-Sensys MF9220CDN
Canon imageClass LBP7700Canon imagePress C1
Canon imagePress C6000Canon imagePress C600I
Canon imagePress C700Canon imagePress C700I
Canon imagePress C800Canon imagePress C800I
Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8000Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8000s
Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF9000Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF9000s
Canon iR-C350ICanon iR-C350IF
Canon iR1018Canon iR1018j
Canon iR1020Canon iR1022
Canon iR1022ACanon iR1022F
Canon iR1022iCanon iR1022iF
Canon iR1023Canon iR1024
Canon iR1024ACanon iR105
Canon iR1133Canon iR1133A
Canon iR1133iFCanon IR1200
Canon iR1210Canon iR1230
Canon iR1270Canon iR1270F
Canon iR1310Canon iR1330
Canon iR1370Canon iR1435
Canon iR1435iCanon iR1510
Canon iR1530Canon iR1570
Canon iR1570FCanon iR1600
Canon iR1610Canon IR1630
Canon IR1670Canon iR1730i
Canon iR1740iCanon iR1750i
Canon iR2000Canon iR2010
Canon iR2016Canon iR2016i
Canon iR2018Canon iR2018i
Canon iR2020Canon iR2020i
Canon iR2022Canon iR2022i
Canon iR2025Canon iR2025i
Canon iR2030Canon iR2030i
Canon iR2200Canon iR2202
Canon IR2220Canon iR2220i
Canon iR2230Canon iR2270
Canon IR2520Canon iR2520i
Canon IR2535Canon IR2545
Canon iR2570cCanon iR2570ci
Canon iR2570iCanon iR2800
Canon IR2830Canon iR2870
Canon iR3025Canon iR3030
Canon iR3035Canon iR3045
Canon iR3100cCanon iR3100cn
Canon iR3170cCanon iR3170ci
Canon iR3225Canon iR3230
Canon iR3235Canon iR3245
Canon iR3300Canon iR3320i
Canon iR3530Canon iR3570
Canon IR4045Canon IR4051
Canon IR4245Canon iR4570
Canon IR4600Canon iR5000
Canon IR5000iCanon IR5020i
Canon IR5030Canon iR5055
Canon iR5065Canon iR5075
Canon iR5570Canon iR5800
Canon iR5800cCanon iR5800cn
Canon iR5870cCanon iR5870ci
Canon iR600Canon iR6000
Canon IR6000iCanon IR6055
Canon iR6065Canon iR6075
Canon iR6570Canon iR6800
Canon iR6800cCanon iR6800cn
Canon iR6870Canon iR7090
Canon iR7095Canon iR7105
Canon iR7200Canon iR8070
Canon iR8085Canon iR8095
Canon iR8105Canon IR8110
Canon iR8500Canon iR8500P
Canon iR9070Canon IRC-1021
Canon IRC-1021iCanon IRC-1021iF
Canon IRC-1022Canon IRC-1028
Canon IRC-1028iCanon IRC-1028if
Canon iRC-2020Canon iRC-2020i
Canon iRC-2020LCanon iRC-2025i
Canon iRC-2030Canon iRC-2030i
Canon iRC-2030LCanon iRC-2380
Canon iRC-2380iCanon iRC-2550
Canon iRC-2880Canon iRC-2880i
Canon iRC-3080Canon iRC-3320
Canon iRC-3325Canon iRC-3330
Canon iRC-3380Canon iRC-3380i
Canon iRC-3480Canon iRC-3525
Canon iRC-3530Canon iRC-3580
Canon iRC-3880Canon IRC-4080i
Canon IRC-4580iCanon IRC-5185i
Canon iRC-5535Canon iRC-5540
Canon iRC-5545Canon iRC-5550
Canon iRC-5560Canon IRC-7260
Canon IRC-7270Canon IRC-7280
Canon IRC1325Canon IRC1335
Canon IRC2020Canon IRC2025
Canon IRC2030Canon IRC2220
Canon IRC2225Canon IRC2230
Canon IRC2280Canon IRC2380
Canon IRC250iCanon iRC256
Canon IRC3080Canon IRC3220
Canon IRC3380iCanon IRC350i
Canon IRC351iFCanon IRC356i
Canon IR Advance 400iCanon IR Advance 4025
Canon IR Advance 4035Canon IR Advance 45xx
Canon IR Advance 500iCanon IR Advance 5035
Canon IR Advance 5051Canon IR Advance 7065
Canon IR Advance 7065iCanon IR Advance C2020
Canon IR Advance C2025Canon IR Advance C2030
Canon IR Advance C2220Canon IR Advance C2225
Canon IR Advance C2230Canon IR Advance C250i
Canon iR Advance C256Canon IR Advance C350i
Canon IR Advance C350iFCanon iR Advance C356
Canon iR Advance C5030Canon iR Advance C5035
Canon iR Advance C5045Canon iR Advance C5051
Canon IR Advance C5235Canon IR Advance C5240
Canon IR Advance C5250Canon IR Advance C5255
Canon IR Advance C55xxCanon IR Advance C7055
Canon IR Advance C7565Canon IR Advance C7565i
Canon IR Advance C7570Canon IR Advance C7570i
Canon IR Advance C7580Canon IR Advance C7580i
Canon IR Advance C75xxCanon iR C1325
Canon iR C1335Canon iR C2100
Canon iR C2100SCanon iR C2105
Canon iR C250iCanon iR C2620
Canon iR C3100Canon iR C3200
Canon iR C3220NCanon iR C600i
Canon iR C624Canon iR C700i
Canon IR C7055Canon IR C7065
Canon iR C800iCanon IR C9060
Canon IR C9065Canon IR C9070
Canon IR C9075Canon IR C9280
Canon iSensys LBP650Canon iSensys LBP654cx
Canon iSensys MF-653cdwCanon iSensys MF-730
Canon iSensys MF-731cdwCanon iSensys MF-732cdw
Canon iSensys MF-733cdwCanon iSensys MF-734cdw
Canon iSensys MF-735cdwtCanon iSensys MF-735cx
Canon L-1000Canon L-2000
Canon L-500Canon L-600
Canon L170Canon L3000
Canon L3000IPCanon L380
Canon L400Canon L510
Canon LaserBase MF3110Canon LaserBase MF3200
Canon LaserBase MF3220Canon LaserBase MF3240
Canon LaserBase MF5600Canon LaserBase MF5630
Canon LaserBase MF5650Canon LaserBase MF5730
Canon LaserBase MF5750Canon LaserBase MF5770
Canon LaserBase MF6500Canon LaserBase MF6530
Canon LaserBase MF6540PLCanon LaserBase MF6550
Canon LaserBase MF6560PLCanon LaserBase MF6580PL
Canon LaserBase MF8180CCanon LaserShot LBP-1120
Canon LaserShot LBP-2900Canon LaserShot LBP-3000
Canon LaserShot LBP-3460Canon LaserShot LBP-5000
Canon LaserShot LBP-5100Canon LaserShot LBP-5200
Canon LaserShot LBP-5300Canon LaserShot LBP-5960
Canon LaserShot LBP-5970Canon LaserShot LBP-5975
Canon LBP-111Canon LBP-1260
Canon LBP-1260CCanon LBP-1260 Plus
Canon LBP-1760Canon LBP-1760e
Canon LBP-2460Canon LBP-2510
Canon LBP-2900Canon LBP-3000
Canon LBP-3010Canon LBP-3100
Canon LBP-3101Canon LBP-3200
Canon LBP-3250Canon LBP-3260
Canon LBP-3300Canon LBP-3310
Canon LBP-3370Canon LBP-4
Canon LBP-430WCanon LBP-460
Canon LBP-465Canon LBP-470
Canon LBP-4ICanon LBP-4U
Canon LBP-4 LiteCanon LBP-4 Plus
Canon LBP-6310DNCanon LBP-6550
Canon LBP-660Canon LBP-6650DN
Canon LBP-6670DNCanon LBP-6680X
Canon LBP-7780Canon LBP-800
Canon LBP-810Canon LBP-811
Canon LBP-8111Canon LBP-81V
Canon LBP-8450Canon LBP5480
Canon LBP6000Canon LBP6000B
Canon LBP6200DCanon LBP6230DW
Canon LBP6300DNCanon LBP6650DN
Canon LBP6750Canon LBP6750DN
Canon LBP7010CCanon LBP7018C
Canon LBP7100Canon LBP7110
Canon LBP7200CDNCanon LBP7750CDN
Canon LBP7780CDNCanon MF-5840DN
Canon MF-5880DNCanon MF-5940DN
Canon MF-5980DWCanon MF-6140DN
Canon MF3010Canon MF3310
Canon MF4120Canon MF4140
Canon MF4150Canon MF4330d
Canon MF4410Canon MF4420W
Canon MF4430Canon MF4450
Canon MF4500DNCanon MF4550D
Canon MF4570DNCanon MF4580DN
Canon MF5840DNCanon MF5880DN
Canon MF6530Canon MF6540
Canon MF6550Canon MF6560
Canon MF6570Canon MF6580
Canon MF6680DNCanon MF8030CN
Canon MF8050CNCanon MF8330CDN
Canon MF8350CDNCanon MF8450
Canon MF8451Canon MF9130
Canon MF9170Canon MultiPass L60
Canon MultiPass L90Canon NP-A2SVII
Canon NP1010Canon NP1015
Canon NP1020Canon NP1215
Canon NP1218Canon NP1318
Canon NP150Canon NP1510
Canon NP1520Canon NP1530
Canon NP155Canon NP1550
Canon NP2000Canon NP2010
Canon NP2015Canon NP2020
Canon NP2120Canon NP2215
Canon NP3325Canon NP3825
Canon NP4035Canon NP4040
Canon NP4050Canon NP4080
Canon NP4335Canon NP4540
Canon NP4835Canon NP5020
Canon NP5060Canon NP6010
Canon NP6012Canon NP6016
Canon NP6020Canon NP6025
Canon NP6028Canon NP6030
Canon NP6035Canon NP6045
Canon NP6050Canon NP6060
Canon NP6062Canon NP6085
Canon NP6112Canon NP6116
Canon NP6150Canon NP6212
Canon NP6216Canon NP6218
Canon NP6220Canon NP6221
Canon NP6241Canon NP6251
Canon NP6260Canon NP6312
Canon NP6317Canon NP6320
Canon NP6330Canon NP6350
Canon NP6360Canon NP6412
Canon NP6416Canon NP6450
Canon NP6512Canon NP6521
Canon NP6545Canon NP6551
Canon NP6560Canon NP6612
Canon NP6621Canon NP6650
Canon NP6825Canon NP6826
Canon NP6835Canon NP6840
Canon NP6850Canon NP6880
Canon NP7050Canon NP7550
Canon NP8070Canon NP8530
Canon NP8570Canon NP8580
Canon PC-700Canon PC-D230
Canon PC-D320Canon PC-D340
Canon PC1Canon PC11
Canon PC11RECanon PC2
Canon PC3(II)Canon PC430
Canon PC5(II)Canon PC6
Canon PC65Canon PC6RE
Canon PC7Canon PC740
Canon PC750Canon PC760
Canon PC770Canon PC780
Canon PC7RECanon PC8
Canon PC800Canon PC860
Canon PC880Canon PC890
Canon PCD230Canon PCD320
Canon PCD340Canon S35
Canon SmartBase PC1210DCanon SmartBase PC1230D
Canon SmartBase PC1270D

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