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for use in Pitney-Bowes machines

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Pitney-Bowes DM100Pitney-Bowes DM100i
Pitney-Bowes DM125iPitney-Bowes DM150i
Pitney-Bowes DM160iPitney-Bowes DM175i
Pitney-Bowes DM200iPitney-Bowes DM220i
Pitney-Bowes DM300CPitney-Bowes DM50
Pitney-Bowes DM55Pitney-Bowes DM60
Pitney-Bowes E700Pitney-Bowes E725
Pitney-Bowes E726Pitney-Bowes K700
Pitney-Bowes K721Pitney-Bowes P700
Pitney-Bowes P720

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