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for use in Lexmark machines

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If your machine is not listed, please let us know at the bottom of the page and we will source it for you.

Lexmark C792DELexmark C792DHE
Lexmark C792DTELexmark C792E
Lexmark F4270Lexmark Genesis S815
Lexmark i3Lexmark Impact S305
Lexmark Impact SE308Lexmark Interact S602
Lexmark Interact S605Lexmark Interpret S402
Lexmark Interpret S405Lexmark Intuition S505
Lexmark Jetprinter 3200Lexmark Jetprinter 5000
Lexmark Jetprinter 5700Lexmark Jetprinter 5770
Lexmark Jetprinter 7000Lexmark Jetprinter 7200
Lexmark Jetprinter 7200VLexmark Optra Color 40
Lexmark Optra Color 45Lexmark P3140
Lexmark P315Lexmark P3150
Lexmark P4330Lexmark P4350
Lexmark P450Lexmark P6250
Lexmark P6350Lexmark P704
Lexmark P706Lexmark P707
Lexmark P915Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901
Lexmark Platinum Pro905Lexmark Prestige Pro805
Lexmark Prevail Pro 705Lexmark Prospect Pro 202
Lexmark Prospect Pro 205Lexmark X1130
Lexmark X1150Lexmark X1160
Lexmark X1180Lexmark X1190
Lexmark X125Lexmark X125 Pro
Lexmark X1270Lexmark X2200
Lexmark X2230Lexmark X2240
Lexmark X2250Lexmark X2320
Lexmark X2350Lexmark X2450
Lexmark X2470Lexmark X2500
Lexmark X2510Lexmark X2530
Lexmark X2550Lexmark X2600
Lexmark X2620Lexmark X2630
Lexmark X2650Lexmark X3330
Lexmark X3350Lexmark X3470
Lexmark X3530Lexmark X3550
Lexmark X3630Lexmark X3650
Lexmark X4250Lexmark X4530
Lexmark X4550Lexmark X4630
Lexmark X4650Lexmark X5070
Lexmark X5075Lexmark X5150
Lexmark X5190Lexmark X5190 Pro
Lexmark X5250Lexmark X5270
Lexmark X5470Lexmark X5495
Lexmark X5650Lexmark X6150
Lexmark X6170Lexmark X6190
Lexmark X6190 ProLexmark X63
Lexmark X6650Lexmark X6675
Lexmark X70Lexmark X7170
Lexmark X73Lexmark X7350
Lexmark X74Lexmark X75
Lexmark X80Lexmark X83
Lexmark X8350Lexmark X84
Lexmark X85Lexmark X85 Pro
Lexmark X9350Lexmark X9575
Lexmark Z11Lexmark Z12
Lexmark Z13Lexmark Z1300
Lexmark Z1310Lexmark Z1320
Lexmark Z1380Lexmark Z1410
Lexmark Z1420Lexmark Z1480
Lexmark Z22Lexmark Z23
Lexmark Z2300Lexmark Z2310
Lexmark Z2320Lexmark Z2390
Lexmark Z23eLexmark Z24
Lexmark Z2400Lexmark Z2410
Lexmark Z2420Lexmark Z2480
Lexmark Z2490Lexmark Z25
Lexmark Z2580Lexmark Z25L
Lexmark Z31Lexmark Z32
Lexmark Z33Lexmark Z34
Lexmark Z3480Lexmark Z35
Lexmark Z42Lexmark Z43
Lexmark Z45Lexmark Z45se
Lexmark Z51Lexmark Z510
Lexmark Z515Lexmark Z517
Lexmark Z52Lexmark Z53
Lexmark Z54Lexmark Z54se
Lexmark Z55Lexmark Z55se
Lexmark Z601Lexmark Z605
Lexmark Z615Lexmark Z617
Lexmark Z645Lexmark Z65
Lexmark Z65nLexmark Z65p
Lexmark Z703Lexmark Z705
Lexmark Z708Lexmark Z715
Lexmark Z730Lexmark Z735
Lexmark Z810Lexmark Z815
Lexmark Z816Lexmark Z82
Lexmark Z845

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