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for use in HP machines

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HP Apollo P-2200HP Business Inkjet 1000
HP Business InkJet 1100HP Business Inkjet 1200
HP Business Inkjet 2000CHP Business Inkjet 2000CN
HP Business Inkjet 2200HP Business InkJet 2230
HP Business Inkjet 2250HP Business Inkjet 2250TN
HP Business Inkjet 2280HP Business InkJet 2300
HP Business Inkjet 2500HP Business Inkjet 2500C
HP Business Inkjet 2500CMHP Business Inkjet 2500Cse
HP Business Inkjet 2500CxiHP Business Inkjet 2600
HP Business Inkjet 2800HP Business Inkjet 2800dt
HP Business Inkjet 2800dtnHP Business Inkjet 3000
HP Business Inkjet 3000DTNHP Business Inkjet 3000N
HP Color Copier 110HP Color Copier 120
HP Color Copier 140HP Color Copier 145
HP Color Copier 150HP Color Copier 155
HP Color Copier 160HP Color Copier 170
HP Color Copier 180HP Color Copier 190
HP Color Copier 210HP Color Copier 210Lx
HP Color Copier 260HP Color Copier 270
HP Color Copier 280HP Color Copier 290
HP Color Copier 310HP Color InkJet CP1700
HP DesignJet 100HP DesignJet 100plus
HP DesignJet 1050CHP DesignJet 1050c plus
HP DesignJet 1055CMHP DesignJet 1055cm plus
HP DesignJet 10PSHP DesignJet 110
HP DesignJet 110nr plusHP DesignJet 111
HP DesignJet 120HP DesignJet 120nr
HP DesignJet 130HP DesignJet 130gp
HP DesignJet 130nrHP DesignJet 200
HP DesignJet 2000CPHP DesignJet 20PS
HP DesignJet 220HP DesignJet 230
HP DesignJet 2500CPHP DesignJet 250C
HP DesignJet 2800CPHP DesignJet 30
HP DesignJet 300HP DesignJet 3000CP
HP DesignJet 30gpHP DesignJet 30n
HP DesignJet 330HP DesignJet 350
HP DesignJet 3500CPHP DesignJet 350C
HP DesignJet 350CbiHP DesignJet 3800CP
HP DesignJet 400HP DesignJet 430
HP DesignJet 4500HP DesignJet 4500mfp
HP DesignJet 4500psHP DesignJet 450C
HP DesignJet 4520HP DesignJet 455Ca
HP DesignJet 488CaHP DesignJet 500
HP DesignJet 5000HP DesignJet 5000PS
HP DesignJet 500PSHP DesignJet 50PS
HP DesignJet 510HP DesignJet 510PS
HP DesignJet 5500HP DesignJet 5500PS
HP DesignJet 600HP DesignJet 650
HP DesignJet 650CHP DesignJet 650PS
HP DesignJet 70HP DesignJet 700
HP DesignJet 750CHP DesignJet 750C Plus
HP DesignJet 755CMHP DesignJet 800
HP DesignJet 800PSHP DesignJet 815MFP
HP DesignJet 820MFPHP DesignJet 90
HP DesignJet 90gpHP DesignJet 90r
HP DesignJet Color Pro CADHP DesignJet Color Pro GA
HP DesignJet CP1160HP DesignJet CP1160TN
HP DesignJet T1100HP DesignJet T1120HD
HP DesignJet T1120SDHP DesignJet T120
HP DesignJet T1200HP DesignJet T1200PS
HP DesignJet T1500HP DesignJet T1530
HP DesignJet T2300HP DesignJet T2500
HP DesignJet T2530HP DesignJet T520
HP DesignJet T610HP DesignJet T620
HP DesignJet T770HP DesignJet T790
HP DesignJet T790PSHP DesignJet T920
HP DesignJet T930HP DesignJet Z2100
HP DesignJet Z3100HP DesignJet Z3200
HP DesignJet Z3200PSHP DesignJet Z5200
HP DesignJet Z6100HP DeskJet 1000
HP DeskJet 1000cHP DeskJet 1000Cxi
HP DeskJet 1050HP DeskJet 1050A
HP DeskJet 1100CHP DeskJet 1110
HP DeskJet 1120CHP DeskJet 1125C
HP DeskJet 1180CHP DeskJet 1200
HP DeskJet 1200CHP DeskJet 1200PS
HP DeskJet 1220CHP DeskJet 1220PS
HP DeskJet 1280HP DeskJet 1600C
HP DeskJet 1600CMHP DeskJet 2000
HP DeskJet 2050HP DeskJet 2050S
HP DeskJet 2128HP DeskJet 2130
HP DeskJet 2132HP DeskJet 2134
HP DeskJet 2149HP DeskJet 2180
HP DeskJet 2540HP DeskJet 2620
HP DeskJet 2632HP DeskJet 2633
HP DeskJet 3000HP DeskJet 3050
HP Deskjet 3070AHP DeskJet 310
HP DeskJet 320HP DeskJet 3320
HP DeskJet 3325HP DeskJet 3325C
HP DeskJet 340HP DeskJet 3420
HP DeskJet 3420CHP DeskJet 3425
HP DeskJet 3450HP DeskJet 350C
HP DeskJet 350CbiHP DeskJet 3520
HP DeskJet 3535HP DeskJet 3550
HP DeskJet 3630HP DeskJet 3632
HP DeskJet 3633HP DeskJet 3634
HP DeskJet 3647HP DeskJet 3650
HP DeskJet 3650vHP Deskjet 3720
HP Deskjet 3730HP DeskJet 3732
HP DeskJet 3733HP DeskJet 3735
HP DeskJet 3745HP DeskJet 3747
HP DeskJet 3810HP DeskJet 3816
HP DeskJet 3820HP DeskJet 3820C
HP DeskJet 3822HP DeskJet 3840
HP DeskJet 3845HP DeskJet 3900
HP DeskJet 3910HP DeskJet 3915
HP DeskJet 3918HP DeskJet 3920
HP DeskJet 3930HP DeskJet 3930v
HP DeskJet 3938HP DeskJet 3940
HP DeskJet 3940vHP DeskJet 400
HP DeskJet 400LHP DeskJet 420C
HP DeskJet 450HP DeskJet 450Cbi
HP DeskJet 450CiHP DeskJet 450wbt
HP DeskJet 460HP DeskJet 460cbi
HP DeskJet 460ciHP DeskJet 460wbt
HP DeskJet 500CHP DeskJet 510
HP DeskJet 5145HP DeskJet 5150
HP DeskJet 5151HP DeskJet 520
HP DeskJet 540HP DeskJet 5440
HP DeskJet 5440xiHP DeskJet 5442
HP DeskJet 5443HP DeskJet 550C
HP DeskJet 5510HP DeskJet 5550
HP DeskJet 5551HP DeskJet 5552
HP DeskJet 560CHP DeskJet 5650
HP DeskJet 5650vHP DeskJet 5652
HP DeskJet 5655HP DeskJet 5740
HP DeskJet 5743HP DeskJet 5745
HP DeskJet 5748HP DeskJet 5850
HP DeskJet 5940HP DeskJet 5943
HP DeskJet 600CHP DeskJet 610
HP DeskJet 610CHP DeskJet 610CL
HP DeskJet 6120HP DeskJet 6122
HP DeskJet 6127HP DeskJet 612C
HP DeskJet 615CHP DeskJet 630C
HP DeskJet 632CHP DeskJet 640C
HP DeskJet 642CHP DeskJet 648C
HP DeskJet 650CHP DeskJet 6520
HP DeskJet 6540HP DeskJet 6543
HP DeskJet 656CHP DeskJet 656Cvr
HP DeskJet 660CHP DeskJet 6620
HP DeskJet 6623HP DeskJet 670C
HP DeskJet 6830HP DeskJet 6840
HP DeskJet 6843HP DeskJet 690C
HP DeskJet 691CHP DeskJet 692C
HP DeskJet 693CHP DeskJet 6940
HP DeskJet 694CHP DeskJet 695C
HP DeskJet 695CciHP DeskJet 697C
HP DeskJet 6980HP DeskJet 6983
HP DeskJet 6988HP DeskJet 710C
HP DeskJet 712CHP DeskJet 720C
HP DeskJet 722CHP DeskJet 810C
HP DeskJet 812CHP DeskJet 815C
HP DeskJet 816CHP DeskJet 820Cxi
HP DeskJet 825CHP DeskJet 825Cvr
HP DeskJet 830CHP DeskJet 832C
HP DeskJet 840CHP DeskJet 843C
HP DeskJet 845CHP DeskJet 845Cvr
HP DeskJet 850CHP DeskJet 850Cxi
HP DeskJet 870CxiHP DeskJet 880C
HP DeskJet 882CHP DeskJet 890C
HP DeskJet 890CseHP DeskJet 890CXi
HP DeskJet 895CseHP DeskJet 895CXi
HP DeskJet 916CHP DeskJet 920
HP DeskJet 920CHP DeskJet 920Cvr
HP DeskJet 920CxiHP Deskjet 9300
HP DeskJet 9300CHP DeskJet 930C
HP DeskJet 940CHP DeskJet 940Cvr
HP DeskJet 950CHP DeskJet 959C
HP DeskJet 960HP DeskJet 960C
HP DeskJet 9650HP DeskJet 9670
HP DeskJet 9680HP DeskJet 9686gp
HP DeskJet 970CXiHP DeskJet 980
HP DeskJet 9800HP DeskJet 9800d
HP DeskJet 980CHP DeskJet 9860
HP DeskJet 9860gpHP DeskJet 990CM
HP DeskJet 990CxiHP DeskJet 995C
HP DeskJet D1360HP DeskJet D1400
HP DeskJet D1415HP DeskJet D1468
HP DeskJet D1470HP DeskJet D1500
HP DeskJet D1560HP DeskJet D1600
HP DeskJet D1660HP DeskJet D1663
HP DeskJet D2300HP DeskJet D2360
HP DeskJet D2400HP DeskJet D2430
HP DeskJet D2445HP DeskJet D2468
HP DeskJet D2500HP DeskJet D2530
HP DeskJet D2560HP DeskJet D2563
HP DeskJet D2660HP DeskJet D4200
HP DeskJet D4260HP DeskJet D4263
HP DeskJet D4360HP DeskJet D5460
HP DeskJet D5560HP DeskJet F2100
HP DeskJet F2110HP DeskJet F2120
HP DeskJet F2128HP DeskJet F2140
HP DeskJet F2149HP DeskJet F2179
HP DeskJet F2185HP DeskJet F2187
HP DeskJet F2188HP DeskJet F2200
HP DeskJet F2280HP DeskJet F2400
HP DeskJet F2420HP DeskJet F2480
HP DeskJet F2488HP DeskJet F2492
HP DeskJet F300HP DeskJet F340
HP DeskJet F350HP DeskJet F370
HP DeskJet F375HP DeskJet F380
HP DeskJet F390HP DeskJet F394
HP DeskJet F4100HP DeskJet F4135
HP DeskJet F4140HP DeskJet F4150
HP DeskJet F4172HP DeskJet F4175
HP DeskJet F4180HP DeskJet F4185
HP DeskJet F4188HP DeskJet F4190
HP DeskJet F4194HP DeskJet F4210
HP DeskJet F4213HP DeskJet F4240
HP DeskJet F4272HP DeskJet F4275
HP DeskJet F4280HP DeskJet F4283
HP DeskJet F4288HP DeskJet F4500
HP DeskJet F4580HP DeskJet F4583
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3700 MFPHP DeskWriter 520
HP DeskWriter 540CHP DeskWriter 550C
HP DeskWriter 560CHP DeskWriter 600
HP DeskWriter 660CHP DeskWriter 670C
HP Digital Copier 310HP Digital Copier 410
HP Digital Copier 610HP Envy 4500e-all-in-one
HP Envy 4520HP ENVY 4523
HP ENVY 4524HP Envy 5020 All-In-One
HP Envy 5030 All-In-OneHP Envy 5032 All-In-One
HP Envy 5640HP Envy 7640
HP Envy Photo 6220 Wireless All-in-OneHP Envy Photo 6230
HP Envy Photo 6234HP Envy Photo 7130
HP Envy Photo 7134HP Envy Photo 7830
HP Fax 1220HP Fax 1220xi
HP Fax 1230HP Fax 1230xi
HP Fax 1240HP Fax 200
HP Fax 300HP Fax 310
HP Fax 700HP Fax 750
HP Fax 900HP Fax 910
HP Fax 920HP Fax 950
HP LaserJet CP1025HP LaserJet CP1025NW
HP LaserJet M175AHP LaserJet Pro 200 Colour M251N
HP LaserJet Pro 200 Colour M251NWHP LaserJet Pro 200 M251
HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276HP LaserJet Pro 200 MFP M276N
HP LaserJet Pro 200 MFP M276NWHP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M476
HP LaserJet Pro CM1312MFPHP LaserJet Pro CP1215
HP LaserJet Pro CP1518NHP LaserJet Pro M275
HP OfficeJet 100HP OfficeJet 100 mobile
HP OfficeJet 150 Mobile Ai0HP OfficeJet 300
HP OfficeJet 310HP OfficeJet 320
HP OfficeJet 330HP OfficeJet 350
HP OfficeJet 3830HP OfficeJet 3832
HP OfficeJet 3834HP OfficeJet 4105
HP OfficeJet 4105zHP OfficeJet 4110
HP OfficeJet 4110xiHP OfficeJet 4115
HP OfficeJet 4211HP OfficeJet 4212
HP OfficeJet 4215HP OfficeJet 4215v
HP OfficeJet 4215xiHP OfficeJet 4219
HP OfficeJet 4251HP OfficeJet 4252
HP OfficeJet 4255HP OfficeJet 4259
HP OfficeJet 4300HP OfficeJet 4311
HP OfficeJet 4312HP OfficeJet 4314
HP OfficeJet 4315HP OfficeJet 4317
HP OfficeJet 4319HP OfficeJet 4352
HP OfficeJet 4353HP OfficeJet 4355
HP OfficeJet 4357HP OfficeJet 4359
HP OfficeJet 4500HP OfficeJet 4620
HP OfficeJet 4622HP OfficeJet 4650
HP OfficeJet 4652HP OfficeJet 4654
HP OfficeJet 500HP OfficeJet 5100
HP OfficeJet 5105HP OfficeJet 5110
HP OfficeJet 5110vHP OfficeJet 5110xi
HP OfficeJet 520HP OfficeJet 5505
HP OfficeJet 5508HP Officejet 5510
HP OfficeJet 5510vHP OfficeJet 5510xi
HP OfficeJet 5515HP OfficeJet 5600
HP OfficeJet 5605HP OfficeJet 5608
HP OfficeJet 5609HP OfficeJet 5610
HP OfficeJet 5610vHP OfficeJet 5610xi
HP OfficeJet 5615HP OfficeJet 570
HP OfficeJet 5740HP OfficeJet 5742
HP OfficeJet 580HP OfficeJet 590
HP OfficeJet 600HP OfficeJet 6000
HP OfficeJet 610HP OfficeJet 6100
HP OfficeJet 6110HP OfficeJet 6200
HP OfficeJet 6205HP OfficeJet 6210
HP OfficeJet 6213HP OfficeJet 630
HP OfficeJet 6310HP OfficeJet 635
HP OfficeJet 6500HP OfficeJet 6500A
HP OfficeJet 6600HP OfficeJet 6700
HP OfficeJet 700HP OfficeJet 7000
HP OfficeJet 710HP Officejet 7100
HP Officejet 7110HP OfficeJet 7110xi
HP Officejet 7130HP OfficeJet 7130xi
HP OfficeJet 7135xiHP OfficeJet 7140xi
HP OfficeJet 720HP OfficeJet 7210
HP OfficeJet 7213HP OfficeJet 725
HP OfficeJet 7310HP OfficeJet 7313
HP OfficeJet 7410HP OfficeJet 7413
HP OfficeJet 7500AHP OfficeJet 7610
HP OfficeJet 7612HP OfficeJet 9100
HP OfficeJet 9110HP OfficeJet 9120
HP OfficeJet 9130HP OfficeJet D125
HP OfficeJet D125xiHP OfficeJet D135
HP OfficeJet D135xiHP OfficeJet D145
HP OfficeJet D145xiHP OfficeJet D155
HP OfficeJet D155xiHP OfficeJet G55
HP OfficeJet G55xiHP OfficeJet G85
HP OfficeJet G85xiHP OfficeJet G95
HP OfficeJet H470HP OfficeJet H470B
HP OfficeJet H470WBTHP OfficeJet J3508
HP OfficeJet J3608HP OfficeJet J3640
HP OfficeJet J3650HP OfficeJet J3680
HP OfficeJet J4524HP OfficeJet J4535
HP OfficeJet J4540HP OfficeJet J4550
HP OfficeJet J4580HP OfficeJet J4585
HP OfficeJet J4660HP OfficeJet J4680
HP OfficeJet J4680CHP OfficeJet J5730
HP OfficeJet J5780HP OfficeJet J6410
HP OfficeJet J6413HP OfficeJet J6415
HP OfficeJet J6450HP OfficeJet J6480
HP OfficeJet K60HP OfficeJet K60xi
HP OfficeJet K80HP OfficeJet K80xi
HP OfficeJet L7780HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1150CseHP OfficeJet Pro 1170C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170CseHP OfficeJet Pro 1175C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175CseHP OfficeJet Pro 1175Cxi
HP OfficeJet Pro 251DWHP OfficeJet Pro 276DW
HP OfficeJet Pro 6230HP OfficeJet Pro 6830
HP Officejet Pro 6950 All-in-OneHP Officejet Pro 6960 All-in-One
HP Officejet Pro 6970 All-in-OneHP Officejet Pro 6975 All-in-One
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740HP OfficeJet Pro 8000
HP OfficeJet Pro 8100HP OfficeJet Pro 8210
HP OfficeJet Pro 8500HP OfficeJet Pro 8600
HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusHP OfficeJet Pro 8610
HP OfficeJet Pro 8620HP OfficeJet Pro 8710
HP OfficeJet Pro 8715HP OfficeJet Pro 8716
HP OfficeJet Pro 8720HP OfficeJet Pro 8725
HP OfficeJet Pro 8730HP OfficeJet Pro 8740
HP OfficeJet Pro K550HP OfficeJet Pro K550dtn
HP OfficeJet Pro K550dtwnHP OfficeJet Pro K7100
HP OfficeJet Pro K7103HP OfficeJet Pro K7108
HP OfficeJet Pro K850HP OfficeJet Pro K850dn
HP OfficeJet Pro X451HP OfficeJet Pro X451DW
HP OfficeJet Pro X476HP OfficeJet Pro X476DW
HP OfficeJet Pro X551HP OfficeJet Pro X551DW
HP OfficeJet Pro X576HP OfficeJet Pro X576DW
HP OfficeJet R40HP OfficeJet R40xi
HP OfficeJet R45HP OfficeJet R60
HP OfficeJet R65HP OfficeJet R80
HP OfficeJet R80xiHP OfficeJet T45
HP OfficeJet T45xiHP OfficeJet T65
HP OfficeJet T65xiHP OfficeJet V30
HP OfficeJet v40HP OfficeJet V45
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556dnHP PageWide Enterprise Color 556xh
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 586dnHP PageWide Enterprise Color 586f
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 586zHP PageWide Managed MFP P55250dw
HP PageWide Managed MFP P57750dwHP PageWide Pro 352dn
HP PageWide Pro 377dnHP PageWide Pro 452dn
HP PageWide Pro 452dwHP PageWide Pro 452dwt
HP PageWide Pro 477dnHP PageWide Pro 477dw
HP PageWide Pro 477dwtHP Photosmart 100
HP PhotoSmart 1000HP PhotoSmart 1100
HP PhotoSmart 1115HP PhotoSmart 1215
HP PhotoSmart 1218HP Photosmart 130
HP PhotoSmart 1315HP Photosmart 145
HP Photosmart 230HP PhotoSmart 240
HP PhotoSmart 245HP PhotoSmart 2575
HP PhotoSmart 2605HP PhotoSmart 2608
HP PhotoSmart 2610HP PhotoSmart 2613
HP PhotoSmart 2615HP PhotoSmart 2710
HP PhotoSmart 3110HP PhotoSmart 3210
HP PhotoSmart 325HP PhotoSmart 3310
HP PhotoSmart 335HP PhotoSmart 370
HP PhotoSmart 375HP PhotoSmart 385
HP PhotoSmart 6510HP PhotoSmart 7150
HP PhotoSmart 7260HP PhotoSmart 7345
HP PhotoSmart 7350HP PhotoSmart 7450
HP PhotoSmart 7459HP PhotoSmart 7550
HP PhotoSmart 7655HP PhotoSmart 7660
HP PhotoSmart 7755HP PhotoSmart 7760
HP PhotoSmart 7762HP PhotoSmart 7960
HP PhotoSmart 7960gpHP PhotoSmart 8050
HP PhotoSmart 8150HP PhotoSmart 8200
HP PhotoSmart 8450HP PhotoSmart 8450gp
HP PhotoSmart 8750HP Photosmart B010A
HP Photosmart B109AHP Photosmart B109C
HP Photosmart B109DHP Photosmart B109F
HP Photosmart B109NHP Photosmart B109Q
HP Photosmart B110AHP Photosmart B110C
HP Photosmart B110EHP Photosmart B209A
HP Photosmart B209BHP Photosmart B209C
HP Photosmart B8550HP Photosmart B8553
HP PhotoSmart C1500HP Photosmart C309
HP Photosmart C309AHP Photosmart C309C
HP Photosmart C309GHP Photosmart C309H
HP Photosmart C309NHP PhotoSmart C3180
HP PhotoSmart C4180HP PhotoSmart C4210
HP PhotoSmart C4240HP PhotoSmart C4250
HP PhotoSmart C4270HP PhotoSmart C4272
HP PhotoSmart C4275HP PhotoSmart C4280
HP PhotoSmart C4283HP PhotoSmart C4285
HP PhotoSmart C4340HP PhotoSmart C4343
HP PhotoSmart C4345HP PhotoSmart C4348
HP PhotoSmart C4380HP PhotoSmart C4385
HP PhotoSmart C4400HP PhotoSmart C4440
HP PhotoSmart C4450HP PhotoSmart C4472
HP PhotoSmart C4480HP PhotoSmart C4483
HP PhotoSmart C4485HP PhotoSmart C4500
HP PhotoSmart C4580HP PhotoSmart C4583
HP PhotoSmart C4585HP PhotoSmart C4599
HP PhotoSmart C4610HP PhotoSmart C4640
HP PhotoSmart C4650HP PhotoSmart C4670
HP PhotoSmart C4680HP PhotoSmart C4683
HP PhotoSmart C4685HP PhotoSmart C4688
HP PhotoSmart C4740HP PhotoSmart C4780
HP PhotoSmart C4783HP PhotoSmart C4788
HP PhotoSmart C4795HP PhotoSmart C4798
HP PhotoSmart C5180HP PhotoSmart C5200
HP PhotoSmart C5240HP PhotoSmart C5250
HP PhotoSmart C5280HP PhotoSmart C5283
HP PhotoSmart C5288HP Photosmart C5324
HP Photosmart C5370HP Photosmart C5373
HP Photosmart C5380HP Photosmart C5383
HP Photosmart C5388HP Photosmart C5390
HP Photosmart C5393HP PhotoSmart C5580
HP Photosmart C6180HP Photosmart C6300
HP Photosmart C6324HP Photosmart C6380
HP Photosmart C7180HP PhotoSmart C7280
HP Photosmart CC335BHP Photosmart D5360
HP Photosmart D5363HP Photosmart D5368
HP Photosmart D5400HP Photosmart D5460
HP Photosmart D5463HP Photosmart D7160
HP Photosmart D7560HP PhotoSmart Envy 110
HP PhotoSmart F4180HP Photosmart Pro B8550
HP Photosmart Pro B9180HP Photo 6220 Wireless
HP PSC 1110HP PSC 1110v
HP PSC 1110xiHP PSC 1200
HP PSC 1205HP PSC 1210
HP PSC 1210vHP PSC 1210xi
HP PSC 1213HP PSC 1215
HP PSC 1217HP PSC 1219
HP PSC 1300HP PSC 1310
HP PSC 1311HP PSC 1312
HP PSC 1315HP PSC 1315s
HP PSC 1315vHP PSC 1315xi
HP PSC 1317HP PSC 1318
HP PSC 1340HP PSC 1345
HP PSC 1350HP PSC 1350v
HP PSC 1350xiHP PSC 1355
HP PSC 1400HP PSC 1401
HP PSC 1402HP PSC 1403
HP PSC 1406HP PSC 1408
HP PSC 1410HP PSC 1410v
HP PSC 1410xiHP PSC 1415
HP PSC 1417HP PSC 1510
HP PSC 1610HP PSC 2105
HP PSC 2108HP PSC 2110
HP PSC 2110vHP PSC 2110xi
HP PSC 2115HP PSC 2170
HP PSC 2171HP PSC 2175
HP PSC 2175vHP PSC 2175xi
HP PSC 2179HP PSC 2210
HP PSC 2210vHP PSC 2210xi
HP PSC 2355HP PSC 2355P
HP PSC 2405HP PSC 2410
HP PSC 2410vHP PSC 2410xi
HP PSC 2420HP PSC 2510
HP PSC 370HP PSC 380
HP PSC 500HP PSC 500xi
HP PSC 750HP PSC 750xi
HP PSC 900HP PSC 950
HP PSC 950vrHP PSC 950xi
HP QuietJet PlusHP ScanJet N9120
HP TangoHP Tango X
HP Universal

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